Don’t Suffer in Silence

If you know or suspect your child may be bullied or is displaying bullying behaviour please let your young person’s school know.

In the first instance contact the school. Let the appropriate person at the school know – this maybe guidance staff in a high school and in primary schools there will be an anti-bullying co-ordinator for you to contact.

East Lothian Anti-bullying Guidelines are available to download from


                  Or contact:

                  East Lothian Council
                  Education & Children’s Services
                  John Muir House
                  East Lothian
                  EH41 3HA
                  Telephone: 01620 827631

 Get a copy of the ELC Schools—Bullying and Harassment policy or ELC Resolving Complaints Leaflet.

 ELC website

If you are unaware of your rights or feel that you would benefit from our support, please contact us. We are able to help you with advise and support. We can also support you at school meetings and provide you with the relevant information on who to contact and how to move forward to resolve the situation. We will also provide support for your child if this is appropriate.